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I once knew this man; I actually thought that I had loved him. He gave me love, he told me he loved me, he was always there for me, and he would always buy gifts for me, even if they were unnecessary. But, one day, I saw him kissing another girl. This girl had her hands up his shirt. No, they werenít kissing, they were making out. He had his hands on her waist. I just couldnít bear to see this happening. I had actually thought that he was meant for me. I walked out of the room, went home and sobbed. For the next 5 days, I cried, and cried, and cried. I didnít think thereíd ever be an end to it.

He came home one day and he told me he didnít love me anymore. I knew he didnít love me anymore, even before he told me this. I just stayed calm, and tears started flowing down my face as he walked out the door.

I just donít understand why he had to put me through all of this. Why didnít he just tell me the truth from the start? Or maybe he just didnít know what he wanted. I donít know.

To this day, itís been 2 years, and I still canít get over him. He haunts me day and night. I can never seem to get him out of my mind. O how he always pretended to love me, to care about me, and was pretending to always be there for me. All that time, he probably had some other girl that he really truly loved. Maybe he doesnít even love her. Maybe he doesnít have love in his heart. Maybe he just wants someone to satisfy his wants.

O how I wish I could get over him.

Any advice on how I can get over him?


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