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      Betrayed T_T


i met this guy about 3 or 4 months ago.Im so into him and i hate it much-maybe!HAHA...His name is Elvin and he is 5 years older than me i guess (-: He is so bubbly and very fun to be with..We both like "music" and he is so VERY talented and that made me fall for him more!...I was totally inspired (-: Everytime i think of him, it really draws a wide smile in my face :-D I always talk to my friends about him eventhough i knew that they dont like him..I thought it was just a simple crush but then I realized that it was more than that...We talk everytime we meet and exchange messages sometimes..Im falling even more inlove with him EVERYDAY -i SWEAR!!!

I have this friend whom I always share my feelings for that guy...She is like a sister for me and she knows that I love her just like a sister...and I never thought she could do something to me which would really break my HEART!!!

I heard rumors about her and elvin but since I have a great trust to her knowing that we are friends I never believe at all...But came one day, that issue was cleared!!!It was really unbelievable and I was very much disappointed..I felt betrayed and it was the worst feeling that I had ever felt and the worst situation that I had been into...

I hate him...I thought that our feelings were mutual and Im pretty much sure that i wasnt assuming at all because he is kinda showing to me or letting me feel that he likes me too..he is such a great pretender or dont know!he is so WHATEVER!

...BUT since friendship for me is more important than anything else I forgave her without any hidden hatred at ALL!!!!!

eventhough i now hate him and Im still loving him in silence!!!

----Im now trying to neglect him or even my feelings for him but i admit I STILL LOVE HIM T_T



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