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      My love


i was sittting with my friend at lunch and she moved to this guys table and asked me to move with her so i did and i seen this new guy that i never seen before and asked his name and he told me it was james so we started sitting with each other. then we both had after school one day with a teacher and he used my friends phone to text me cause we couldnt talk and we were sitting ther txtin each other. then when we left he gave me his number and asked me to text him so of course i did and then we were on the phone tlkin one night and we were both watching the Titanic on tv and then at 12:30 AM he asked me who i liked and i told him to tell me first and he said he liked me then i said i liked him then he asked if i would go out with him and i said yes and it was friday morning then at school everybody found out!!! been good every since.


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