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      Waiting for the lights


hi,i am 24yrs old when im writing this..i just wanna share a story of love which is a real one.i have read all the stories inside this page and i realise that it was all dreamy n fake love stories that does not really exist in this world.wake up people! love was not as crap as what you guys told in here...this is not a fairy tale.i tell you my stories then . . .im in 2years relationship with a guy whom i was deeply in love.i cant explain why im in love with him i just love.and we both are crazy...its funny i realized that,when u dont love someone,its so easy to pretend that u love them,but when u loved someone,its so hard to convince them that u love them. n thats wat happen..for 2 years ive been struggling,fighting,hurt to show him how much i love him,bt still he didnt believe me..he bashed me up,n still i forgive,i keep on telling myself how stupid am i n shud just leave bt i love him...n its easy to say bt hard to do..i seek for help bt no one cant really me help me in this,cus no one ever been in this is sacrifice and i did im tired of being accused of things that i didnt do,bt still im going thru it over n over again . . theres no such things as love is a happy ending relationship n everything was all butterfly n flowery....nothing at all! and the funniest thing im still happy at times tell me,what do u think ?


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