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      My Love Story


One day, I was minding my own business, when all of a sudden, a very handsome man, named Dominique just shows up into my life. How it happened, is that one day, my cousin Jasmine, sister Mariah and me were out on a boat and got stranded in the lake and couldnít get back, because the winds and waves were keeping us from getting home. Then, before we knew it, a boat came to rescue us. Dominique just happened to be one of the guys that were in the boat. I immediately fell in love, and I had this feeling that we are meant to be. I can never seem to ever get him off my mind.

He just one day showed up in my life and has really showed me what love is really all about. Heís the only man thatís ever really truly loved me, cares about me, shows me love, wants me, knows me, thinks Iím beautiful, and canít live without me. I canít live without him.

We did date once, but then he broke up with me, but that doesnít seem to make me think that we arenít meant for each other, because whenever we are apart, I can never get him off my mind, he can never get me off his mind. I can never be happy with other guys, I will never love a man the way I love/loved Dominique. He is the most amazing love of my life. When Iím with or am just talking to him, itís like Iím dreaming that I am talking to an angel, because he is so darn angelic and loving and everything; absolutely everything is good about him. It would just kill me if anything were to happen to us, to him.

The only reason he broke up with me, is because we live too far away from each other, I know that if we lived closer, weíd have such an amazing relationship, better than all the relationships heís ever had and all the relationships Iíve ever had in my entire life. I know that one day, we will be back together, and hopefully we will get married and have children.

I know this may be a very lame story, but I just needed to spill out my feelings for this very wonderful man I that I love so very, very much.


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