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      Looking back ...i still dream of you


I was in class XI when he proposed and ours was love at first sight.It was for the first time i accepted anyone in my life.SOON i realised how much we were in love.We completed 1 and 1/2 years together that i realised he is flirting with another girl but he never hide this fact from me and said everything about her and assured me that he has no feeling for her but somewhere he broke my trust and finally oneday he revealed his feeling for that girl to me and that he was breaking up with me.

I felt like a part of me being amputated,support of friends,family seemed useless.Memories carved deep in my heart just tore me apart and the strange feeling of being together haunted me.Each day i waited for his phonecall,i presumed his name when my messages buzzed in.Perhaps he will never know how much i loved him and how much i long to hear "love you" from him...but this are somewhere lost in my good old days...I still love him and will always do.



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