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      Knew at first glance...


One summer afternoon when I was 20 I went grocery shopping with my mom,sister and grandma. I was in the dairy and happened to look over as I put the milk in my cart towards the meat department. There he was..the man I was going to marry..the one I was going to have my children with. I knew it in my gut that he was THE one. I knew nothing about him..he was a perfect stranger. The store was completely crowded but it seemed as if it was just the 2 of us. At that moment I started to panic and shake...he could not leave the store without us meeting. If he left he would be gone forever and despite my shyness I could not let that happen. Knowing how outgoing and social my grandmother was I immediately told her the situation and how urgent it was. She walked right up to him and introduced herself as I chewed on my fingernails. After a couple of minutes she waved me over...Nickie..this is David. David this is my granddaughter that I was telling you about. I reached out and shook his was strong yet gentle. His blue eyes just grabbed me and I felt peaceful in his presence. " Well I am sure you two have lots to talk about so I will leave you alone." And just like that my grandma was gone. I asked first if he was single..he was. Are you busy next weekend?...he was not, which so happened to be Valentine weekend. The attraction was undeniable..almost too much at times. So we set a date and he called me 2 days later and we talked for HOURS and found we had so much in common. Our first date was on Valentines day and we just celebrated our 11th last month. We have been married for 10 years now with 2 children. He is STILL the most handsome,sexy,beautiful man in the world to me. And I am hopelessly lost in those gorgeous blue eyes...


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