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so it started when i was 8 and he was 10 and he moved in next to me. so we became really good friends over the years and one day i asked him if i should go out with a guy and he just looked at me and said " if you think hes good enough for you" i smiled and then went out with the guy. i thought he was the one for a long time and i gave him my heart. then we moved in together then he changed and turned and hit me i just started driving and called my best friend guy. and he told me to come to his house and he would talk to me about it so i did. and he just talked to me and held me and told me he would hurt him if i wanted. he made me laugh about stupid stuff and i looked in his eyes and realized... i loved him. and i was so startled that maybe the guy of my dreams had been with me since i was 8 ... he asked me what i was thinking about and i told him truthfully that same exact thing and he told me that he felt the same since he was 10 and i laughed at that just remembering all the good times. then we started going out and i felt like i was walking on air. then one day he asked me to marry him in our old treehouse we used to hang out in. i said yes and we are married with 4 beautiful children.


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