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Hello Iím 14 years old but I have a big problem with love.

I know one boy; he is a 2years older than me. May 5 months

ago I saw him in the school I love him when I saw his face

just first time and I havenít meet him so I just looking

what he did what sort of things he like what style girls he

think good girl and I also find out his birthday, his

address and his face book address I think I love him very

much. Also sometimes I go to the changing room then I smell

his panties, smell his t-shirts and smell his socks. I know

itís quite silly but I like it surly I doesnít tell him

about it if I tell it may he will be hate me anyway this guy

is looks like soft as my white pillow and he has got really

handsome eyes and eyes most I really like his lips its red

and it makes I want to kiss to him. His face is temptation

me so if I see he my heart is bump fastest and my cheeks are

going to red I donít know why I do like this but obviously

I love him ..ya I now it just fine but now I have a really

big problem he made girlfriend last week even I saw he is

with ugly girlfriend and they kissed oh dear how can he did

it he know I love him like stalker butÖ please tell me

some way make a him mineÖ..


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