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      over u


its hard 4 me to give up sme1 u really love but i stil have 2 do it..

i was once at the dark room were the walls wer made w/ of fear and the ceilings paved w/ anger had no doors nor windows..i was in high school when i fell in love in a guy named jeck.i was once reminded that this guy i attract w/ was so playboy !!

the days had past i know him better..same w/ me !!

but that was i thought ! we built our love like a vault?

every trials we cross ,we pass it though tight hugs the promises we oath ..i love him...more than somebody else..

our relationshp grew stronger ..

but there came a point that we must be separated !!

i broke down i did cry n lost

i fuck n fight 4 all of my regrets

before the night i had slept.tears flowing down my cheeks w/

an anger n my hart and confusion circling in my mind

wha life has to offer ;

joys n fears, sadness n relief ,highs n lows ,

problems w/ solutions ,life n death ????

wats bad in me ? im not worthy 2 be happy?




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