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      If i know love i must hate it,


so i have knowen this guy for three years and i have liked him since i knew him he is really funny and cute and just different. I had the biggest crush on him so i decided i would tell him. it wasnt untill weeks after we dated after five mounths past and we were still together and he looked sad one day so i went up to him and kissed him and asked him what was wrong he told me it was just a bad day and i asked him if there was anything i could do he said no he just wanted to be alone so i left. later that night i went on msn like twenty minutes later he came on and i asked him if he was okay he told me he had to tell me the truth and i said you should he told me he was inlove with me but latly he had been liking someone else. i told him lets wait and see if things get better and they didnt he dumped me and told me he really liked someone else. i told him it was okay and that we had a really good relation ship i told him that we would still be friends it wasnt till days later he told me who he liked it was my best friens i wanted to shot myself in the eye, what should i do fight for him or what ?


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