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      Alone all along


Many years ago now I met a boy, the moment our eyes met I knew I wanted him to be mine. We had something I will never expierence again. The way we were together was if as nothing else in the world existed. I gave him my heart, my whole heart. Soon things started to change I started hearing stories about a girl he used to see. Often her name would come up and I was starting to notice little things. He broke up with me not long after saying it was the best thing for me and he doesnt deserve me. I have to drive down his street everyday to get to my work. Her car was at his house everyday for a long time from the day after we broke up. I didnt hear from him for a year, then out of no where I get a phone call from him upset about how she had stuffed him over and he was heartbroken. I say it was karma but still comforted him. After that call I didnt hear from him for another year then my phone rang again I answered and it was him confessing how he was so sorry for what he did and has realised he let his perfect girl go and misses me a lot. Since I gave him my heart he still had my heart all along and always will. We started hanging out and I fell straight back in love for the first time in a long time he looked into my eyes and told me he loved him. After two weeks I didnt hear from him again. And soon after found out he had moved towns.


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