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      I cant believe it ! <3


Well it all started when i went into year 8 and just started at the high school , it was in a music lesson and there was this one boy who stuck out from the crowd i would do anything just to talk to him cause i really liked him he wernt the one everyone fancied he was the one i fancied and i used to sit by him in music and ask him what to do and if i could borrow a pencil you no the old kind of sayings and when he talked back to me my heart would.......beat fast ...and just sink ... cause i reallly really really liked him more than anyone ive ever liked and i didnt even no why i did anyway finally in year 9 on sports day i desided to ask him out because i liked him to much ... and he said he wil think about it and thenn .... he said YES :O i was soooo happy i couldnt stop smiling but then the next say i held his hand and i went bright red wich ive never done before with any of my boyfriend and it felt like i had butterflies in my belly and i went really warm and then he dumped me 2 months later so 2 months go down the drain :( and he went out with someone and i went out with someone but i still loved him and i always would and now after a couple of months , HE asked me out and i said YES YESYES :) and now were going out and were both happy as can be :) we have the odd argument but i love him so much and he loves me were crazy in love and moving onto new steps x


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