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      Small world <3 .


I haf justtt turned 15 at the time and i was going to Brasil to visit my family . I havent seen them for 6 years so i was pretty excited about ittt . When i went it was december around christmas time and i met this boy . We talked were crazy about each other but noone ever saiid anythiing . I came back to the U.S. On mew years and our lives continued , still crazy for each other . He finally confessed it but the thing was . . . He had a girlfriend and i had a boyfriend . We talked everyday until he started acting funny . It was what ever i thought . I made plans and bugged my parents everyday and managed to go back to Brasil in june . So when june came i was so pumped . The day before i left i broke up with my boyfriend ans he broke up with his girl for me . When i got there it was a fantasy romance , BEAUTIFUL . our feelings were so strong for each othet it was unreal . I found tht out when i came back unfortunately necause when i came back he skrewed me over and broke my heart like noone had before .

One day i went on the computer to check my orkut (the Brasilian version on myspace] an had a friend requesttt . It was from i boy i had met there tht i got to know so i accepted iittt . We started talkiing and grew feelings for one another .

The irony ? That is the last brasilian boyfriiends bestfriend and more ? The ex boyfriends ex girlfriend tht he broke up with to be with me ended up being his sister . Isnt that something ? The good part is tht we are still together and very much in love . Im now engages and we are going to be getting married september of next year .

This just shows how small the world can be and how good things fall apart so that better things can fall together <3 .


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