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      Many years but truely in love!!


I was 15 years old when my boyfriend of 2years had just broken up with me, I was heart broken and had know desire to stay where I was, so it was 2weeks after this that I decided to move to Auckland with my grandparents and Uncles to become a carer for my Aunties children. Before this I met my Uncles best mates officialy, the crazy thing was we had all been brought up in church together and our families were very close but we hadnt taken much notice of eachother. Moving to Auckland was the best move I could have made. You see my Uncles are 7years older then me and there mates are even closer in age to me, I began hanging out with my Uncles and there mates a lot, during the summer of 06 we done everything together, movies, beach, camping trips that never worked out, spacy games, mission bay, drinking, xbox link ups, during all of this I had started fallen for this guy and he had fallen for me, after a while we started txtn eachother when we werent hanging out and things started getting to the point of telling eachother so finally he ended up asking me out and of corse I said yes. But things didnít stay good, I started to get scared thinking about what my family would say and what my Uncles would do to (guy#1) and on top of that I was still getting over my brake up so after 2weeks I called it off, he had told me that he thought he had fallen in love and if we could ever be again I said yes and he promised that he would wait for me. So summer eneded and things went back to normal slowly work started up full time again and things got a bit crazy where I was staying so I moved back to Hamilton, me and (guy#1) still txt eachother now and then and still new we wanted to be together again at some point

After I left Auckland I started hanging out with (guy#2) we became best of friends and sort of joined at the hip I was able to share with him things I had never shared with anyone before, the thing with our friendship was 1- he was (guy#1) older brother and 2- he had fallen in love with me, but I still just wanted friendship. I guess (guy#1) couldnít really understand the hole friendship thing and started to believe that there was more going on, after a couple of months i then found out that (guy#1) slept with 2 of my family members, I was so angry I wanted nothing to do with him, as far as I was concerned he was dead to me, until one night a year after it all happened we spent the hole night talking and we watched the sun rise, it was a night of bliss and again I found myself falling deeper in love with him

I still didnít know if I could ever trust him so for 3years we carried on trying to be friends, it would work then it wouldnít, it was a very messy situation, after 3 years though he txt me and finally I decided to txt him back and again we got back together but after a month he txt me saying it wasnít going to work. We stopped being in contact after that, if he was going to a family thing I would stay home and vice versa. 1year past and I had gotten into another relationship, one night I went and stayed at my grandparents to have a movie night with my Uncles, when I got there to my surprise (guy#1) was also there, but things were different, I didnít feel uncomfortable or speechless I was even able to joke with him and lay beside him watching a chick flick. Night came fast and everyone had gone to bed once again we spent the night talking and sharing things we wouldnít share with other people and again we stood outside beside eachother and watched the sun rise. I new I still had feelings for him and he new he was In love with me but I was in a relationship and was to afraid to give it up, after that night we started txtn again and he would councel me and I would councel him. Soon we started calling eachother to say goodnight and we would talk for hours sometimes we would talk from 7pm to 7am, after a couple of months though my boyfriend became very controlling and I didnít want to be with him, one night I went to see (guy#1) and he took me to this waterfall we sat on a log and watched the stars it was a perfect night then he finally kissed me (4years and that was our first kiss) after that night I couldnít forget it I was in love with my best friend and I didnít want anyone else I would go to his house even when I was sick and he would look after me, my boyfriend never treated me the way he did. Soon my boyfriend told me to stop talking to him I wasnít allowed contact and thatís when major problems started he began to control everything in my life and treat me horribly but there was one thing keeping me with him, I was pregnant with his child. Finally I picked up the guts to leave and contacted (guy#1) again but he was hurt and it took a lot for him to forgive me, a month later I went to his house to stay the night and he asked me to be with him, he said he would take on my child and love him and provide for us.

After 4 years of friendship, hate, heartache, diseat, lies, happiness, and love finally we made things work.

I am now 18years old and he is 20 just resently he asked me to marry him and of corse I said yes. We will have a handsome baby boy in 1month. From children that couldnít get things right now completely in love and ready to be parents.

When it is ment to be it will be in loves time!!!


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