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      I worry all the time


hello, i have an amazing boy friend and there is this problem i cant get rid of, i love him very much and i know he loves me but for the longest time my boyfriend and i were going through a rough patch. he was really mean to me...he calle me names, he ignored me, he wouldnt answer my texts or my calls. i was so afraid to lose him but finally i couldnt take it so i tried to break up with him, surprisingly he pleaded for me not to leave him, he said he loved me and he was sorry for everything. i believed him this time and all the other time after this. finally i had it! i left him for about 2 weeks, until he came back and i took him back again. everythin was better, he still wasnt the guy i fell in love with by that i meand affectionate, interested in me etc...but atleast all the bad things that really hurt me were gone. and then out of nowhere hechanges! drastic Change, sending flowers to my work, saying i love you, always wanting to be with be. and making love had never been better. but now what has me worried is the sudden change??? i learned to accept the way he was with me before and that took alot! andafter all the time i asked him to change he didnt..? and all of a sudden he just woke up and said " i think im going to be nice to my gf" we still have problems and for some reason now more than before i think hes cheating, or only being nce to me because he did something wrong, or just feels sorry for me. or trying to break up with me in an easy way and end things in good terms. please help i need advice???


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