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      Left and forgotten


Istarted dating this guy in high school i was 15 and he was 17, he was my everything i loved him unconditionally. we did everything together we had so much fun together and barely argued or fought. he was amamzing in every way, made me feel lika princess and did everything right. to me he was perfect! my perfect guy. we dated for 3 years and it was like a fantasy anything anyone would ever want. our friends would see us and tell us how jealous they were we were "the perfect couple" but the everything took a toll....he got accepted to a college that was 5 hrs away and since i was 2 years younger i knew it was going to be tough, we were willing to stick it out. but out of nowhere one day i realized i couldnt do it...there was no way i could just wake up one day and accept the fact that he was gone for good. do i tried to break up but he insisted we stay together i explained to him how i felt and he told me he loved me and wanted nothing more but to be with me. a few days later driving back from a restaurant he decides to tell me he wans to stay together but.....when he leaves he wants to be apart! it tore me apart...i had told him how i felt, he convinced me everything was going to be fine and then 2 weeks before he leaves he tells me he doesnt think it is a good idea??? devistated i made him take me home.he called 27 times and i never answered my phone.a week later i finally called him i missed him and it was also my 18th b day, so we went out and had a good time the last week he wasat home i helped him pack and helped him buy new clothes for school etc...the last day hes driving me home around 2:00 am and he pulls the car over and tells me "babe i love you and im sorry for what i did please stay with me i want to try tthings please" i said yes ofcourse i loved him....we kissed and hugged and he dropped me off at my house. that night was the hardest night for me icried and i felt like my hear was in my stomach i was so sad. the next day he calls me and we talk he starts to cry and tells me hoe much he misses home already, of course i cry because i miss him and im sad to hear him upset. he tells me he will call me later because he has to help his roomate move in. later that nigh i never heard from him so i text him telling him i was going to amovie with some friends. he never text back, never called never made the attempt to contact me again! and neither did i, he promised me! but it was the hardest thing i have ever expirienced. i was alone,lonely, sad, devastated, depressed and mostly heartbroken. the love of my life was gone not only that but i was shocked to see how he left explanation nothing. i did not hear from him till a whole year later. still i very much loved him! i still had no boyfriend we met up and had sex everything felt the same, the connection and the was so had to see him go again but i let him go. still the same thing happen about 3 times until i finally couldn take it anymore. i wanted him all of him! i wanted to be with him forever, i knew that was impossible so i finally just let him go. now its been 2 years later and we have talked and seen eachother a few times but no sex or anything. and i still know hes the love of my life i still love him but now i have learned to live with it. i now have a boy friend that i love very much but i know i will never love him the way i loved my ex....and my ex also has a girl friend he says he cant fall in love with because hestill loves me very much. i know it isnt good for me to let this linger, but hopefully this heartbreak will end and someday somehow we will be together again.


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