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      A neverending nightmare.


Over the summer I was at my Best friends 16th birthday party, one of my friends was there to. I had known him for about a year and half but never looked at him in that way...It was June so I jumped in the pool with my cloths on. When I got out i jokingly asked him if he wanted a hug. He said no. Because we were only friends I smiled and shook it off and jumped back in the pool. A few minutes later he jumped in to and said he was ready for that hug. I hugged him and he squeezed me and dunked me under. When I came back up laughing he let me go. Thats when I first realized I liked him. On July 28 he told me he liked me and we went out for about a month but I still had feelings for someone else. I couldnt hurt him...So I told him and he said it was fine and he still liked me. Months went by and I realized how short life was so I called him and told him I never stopped liking him and he said he still liked me... 3 months passed and we went on a trip together. Upon arriving home i found out on the trip he kissed another girl and they are now dating...I felt heartbroken and used.

What do I do? He wants to be friends but I cant yet.....


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