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      20 minutes that lasted forever


I met this great girl. But i was already chasing another girl at the time so i never really thought of her that way. Then the week before valentines day, the girl i was chasing rejected me. Slightly disappointed and without a valentine a began thinking of this girl in a whole new way. We saw each other on the Thursday before valentines day, and we couldnt stop looking at each other. She flirted with me all night and even wore my hat. I asked her out and she said yes out of my surprise. We went out on valentines day and by the end of the day we were holding hands. Being my first girlfriend this was amazing. We saw each other the next Thursday,and i said some romantic things i never thought i could ever say, and scored a kiss on the cheek by the end of the night. Sadly i could ever go out on a real date with her because of logistics at the time, so we settled with phone calls. So here comes the next Thursday night. I see her again, but she is avoiding me. After a few minutes of asking her, she tells me that she is not ready for a relationship, and starts crying. I tell her its ok, that ill wait for her to be ready. She starts hugging me and takes me outside so that we can watch the moon together. After a few minutes talking about how we dont want to loose each other we begin hugging each other again. She looks at me with her face barely lit by the moonlight and gives me my first kiss. We were about to kiss again when i pull back saying it would be to tempting. But soon we find ourselves kissing again. When she had to leave she gave me my hat back which she kept on valentines day back to me. I tell her to keep it tell she is ready, and that for now our relationship is on pause. The next day i call her to see if she is alright, and after 10 minutes of trying to talk her out of it she breaks up with me. Still saying that she doesnt want to loose me. That she still wants to be friends. I promise her i that ill wait for her till she is ready.

So now i am here, having that Thursday night running through my mind and dreams when i sleep. The only thing that keeps me going is the same thing that is killing me. Waiting for a day that i am not sure will ever come. Or may come to late.


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