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      I found the one i will be with forever.


my husband died after getting into a horrible accident. he fell off of his race horse and was trampled by the horses hooves. i lost him 3 mins after the hoof and his head connected.

the day of his funeral i met his friend Daniel. Daniel attracted my attention as soon as our eyes met and i saw that tear drop fall. i knew right then any man that cries is the man for me.

so 5 months i walk into my apartment to find Daniel with a man. i was absolutely horrified at what lied before me. i felt sooo disgusted with myself. i felt like i wasnt good enough for any man. Daniel and i broke up and we havent spoken since.

so after the incident between me and Daniel i decided to go to counseling. as soon as i stepped in the door and saw that my counselor was a gorgeous french man i fell in love once again. me and Francisco have been together ever since happily living in Paris with our 3 children:n Adolphus, Blaisdelle, and Coyan. i love my life. FML.


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