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      Blind love


So, it all started on a 19 of October of the year of 2009. I was pretty much excited because thats my birthday and i turned 18. So all i wanted to do is have a girls night out with ma girls and party because i had turned into a young adult. So we went to my friends boyfriends house and took some alcohol but not much because we knew we could get in trouble. So my friends boyfriend took some of his friends and I got thrilled with the knews becuase I knew one of them and his name was miguel. Miguel was the hottest guy i had seen back then because he was pretty much all i wanted that night.

               The guys had arrived and luckly miguel came too. My girls and i just went to the room and started to get ready with perfume and make sure we looked alright. As we were in the room Miguel came in and my heart dropped way down becuase i was way nervous and never had that feeling because he came in started with a hey sexy ladys! we were all like hey!. Right about then he comes up to me and says  Happy birthday girl, and he hugs me. I didnt know miguel well becuase he never talked to me. I said Thank you i said all blushed up because my girls were giggling behind my back. He said  I have a present for you.Hey girls can you leave us alone to chill? he asked my friends. Deffinetly everyone said yes and leave. So he just goes to the door and locks it up. I say,  Why you do that for? i asked him. He told me  calm down, were not doing anything, just that their always disturbing us and never find peace haha, he said with the cutest laugh. So we just started talking about our lives and what kinds of things we liked to do. In fact, we had a lot of things in common. There was a moment of silence through several hours of talking and he comes up to me and says,  can I ask you something? he asked me and I was like, sure, anything I said nervously.  I know this is way too soon, but i feel like ive known you before and you are beautiful and you are just a sweet girl, would you like to go out with me sometime? he asked me. I was totally shocked at what he had asked me. I would never thought that miguel, the guy of my dreams would ask me out on a date and tell me to my face. What i just did was say yes because that was the question i had been waitin for to be asked by him! So he comes up to me and hugs me and I hug him back. In a slowly way, he grabs my chin and turns me to look at his eyes without sayin one word. He closes his eyes and i close my eyes and just feel this beatiful feeling inside me when i touched his lips. Something sensational that doesnt have words to explain what that kind of feeling it was. He starts to kiss me more and more and we just kiss like crazy. He tries to take my shirt off but i told him i couldnt do that because i barely had met him. Then he said he was sorry and he just leaves the room like if nothing had happened. He didnt only leave the room but also left the house. My friends come in and asked me why he had left. I said i had no idea and one of miguels guy friends comes up to me and asked me if we did anything in here. I told him we had kissed for a moment but the guy paused me and said, dont you know that miguel has a girlfriend? He even lives with her," he said all confused calling miguel. I was surprised at what he had said. I start to cry histarically and infront of all my besties, my guy of my dreams had ruined my birthday party because one stupid reason. For the past months i didnt know what to do. When i looked at him he would just turn around and leave like if i was just one creepy monster for him. I just learned that not every person you get in love with is going to love you because just for one talk that takes long. That talk gets you involved to have feelings but not for the rest of your life. That left me not see what real love is and i still cant really see what it is. Because its a blind love


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