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      Going back to the Ex


We had been dating for almost a year... we practically lived together. He would spend 4-5 nights out of the week with me. I confronted him once about his ex and he told me that she had reached out to him and his family and they had gone to her grandfathers funeral. Then five months later he started acting differently... less sex... less calling me babe... Then he went on a trip to visit his grandmother he even would call me and I would say, "you sound different are you ok?" When he got back soon after it was his birthday... later I find out the Ex had thrown a bday party for him at his home. The next day he was with me. I found out by one of my friends that was friends with his Ex. He had been with both of us for last 3 months. Cheating on me... Sleeping with both...

The Ex will always try to come back. But there is a reason that she is the ex... it seems good and the family will even approve but what happens wrong the first time will happen again.

Time will only tell... where they will go... they are so happy now..

Me? ehh..... i gave my heart to him... and got it slammed on my doorstep.


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