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      Dont know why?


people say one sided love is attraction but its not

it started whn i was in college by mere eyeeing

he was our college most handsome boy and moreover a dentist

bt i never felt attracted.

4rm his side i saw eyeeing ,although he was already engaged with someone he dared to look upon me every now and thn.

even b4r his girlfrnd who was also doc.

gradually i also responded nt the looks certainly,the innocence the decency touched my heart.

bt thn my project wrk landed me in a new city no contacts i became busy ../...after i successfully completed my project i felt somethg is missing 4r sure.i searched

i realised i have fallen in love

none will believe we have never talked.

4rm thereon my search started i started searching on net the detail i can have abt him

i only knew his name

knowing name was a coincidence,i was standing in the canteen of my coll,somebody called his name i listened

my search i got his address,his date of birth.

i have a passion 4r i took help of card.i made two hand made cards one wishing good luck other good bye,a love letter,all was original......

i wrote very clearly tht i love him in several languages,alli print out.made two id tht is synonym with mmy name

gave the cover a look as if sent 4rm senior dentist and did speed post..waited no reply later again searched got his id i sent messages he wrote did i know u he didnt know even my namestill i sent him my pic,,,,,no reply.he is a cancerian i searched every details and improved myself did prayers 4r was quite clear tht nthg was on his i still remember each and every deatail abt him he is very innocent ,genuine ,caring person i saw smthg true in his eyes still waitng 4r his ultimate reply......i dont know why i cant stop thinking abt him.i dont want to see him either just want him to recognise whn we will meet somewhr in future i wantto do sonethg 4r him even if he dont know i will love him even if he have nthg unconditionally


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