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      Young love


more about my true love story,after the split i went around with friends from pub to pub drinking as i was driving (mad),after about six months i was at a dance (drunk) i asked a girl for a dance she said yes we went out together for three& ahalf years all i kept on about was my true love, until the girl i was with said no more. againe for about six months the same thing, looking for the answer in the bottom of a class, which is not there. then at my work place was a girl my friend had been out with so i asked her out for a drink, within a year we got wed in 1987, we now are seperated but we stayed together for just over twenty years. but before we split i saw my true love and my heart hit the floor i was still in love with her, then i seen her again in a hospital with some one old i went out side sat in my car and started crying, my heart was hurting so bad. my wife was unaware about all this and this is not why we split up. after so many years oneday my mum said she had spoken to tracey i said what did she say, o i cant remember said my mum, but before my mum had told me this i had started to dream about tracey, i would wake up crying, god it hurts so bad, i must stop now this is making me cry.


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