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      Hurting myself


i loved my x but it was onn off so i ended it completly my last crush hurt my by goin out wit this hoe n the worst past is tht he flirted wit me 4 weeks n he lik bryanna. ihate not being in love n i hate tht i read love stories watch romantic movies wish apon stars n nuttin happens n i act lik im ok in front of my loved ones but the truth is tht ive been hurt 2 many times loved 2 many 2 think love is tru but i do i rele do believe in love n the magic n intence fellings. im only 12yrs old but i want love so badly n i no it wont happen but i wish and dream. my name is jasmine i live in long island. i love the idea of love n writing this even made me cry cuzz i noe this sounds weird comeing from a 12 yr old but once i wantsomething i want it soooooooooooooo badly.plz comment n tell me how 2 not go crazy over finding "the one"


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