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      A love dat can neva end


wen i 1st fel in love wiv my jaan(raja) dat was 6yrs bck wen i was 9 n he was 11 or 12 dis was love at 1st site, wen i saw him my heart started beatin fast n fast, since dat day i culdnt sleep i culdnt eat n i culdnt think of anyfin xcept him buh l8er in a yr i found out dat his my cuzin, i had no idea wt 2 do i tld him dat i love him buh he ddnt ans me bck he ddnt say yes or no, i was scared wt if he had another grl whu he cnt leave wiv out, afta few weeks our family was sepr8ed by da socail services i had 2 live wiv my foster family wher i culdnt c him aniwer arnd me, i mised him alot...

afta 8 months i cam bck 4om my foster house n met my love i remember wen he 1st sed he loves me i was rng abwt him hvin anotha grl dat 3 words gv me new lyf...buh wen my family found out abwt us 2 they seper8ed us 4 1 wole yr...he loved me sooo much bcuz of me he started smokin n drinkin i had no idea wt 2 do...he md a different yahoo id wiv da name ali 2 get me bck in his lyf he dnt tel me dat it was him wen his dad passed away on di 19th dec 2008 on my b-day i was broken bcuz he lost his dad whu he reali loved buh thnk god he go tired of dis seperation n got me bck in his lyf in feb 2009 v got bck again buh v fight alot v fight every day..v love eachother alot n wna get merried 2 eachother i hv no idea wt 2 v spoke 2 my parents abwt our relationship buh dey sed no his family xcepts me buh my family wil neva xcept him i love him alot n i cnt leave wiv out him any mre i need him in my lyf 4eva dts y m putin my love story every where 2 get help.....i need ur hlp...plss do write on thnk u


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