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      A walk to remember..................


As i was playing basket ball in my school,a beautiful girl came to the book shop,to buy her books for her new class,after purchasing the books she turned around and saw me staring at her,she smiled at me and took her books and went home! The following day i saw her in her class learning math,i first talked with her for the first time when she was trainin for an athletic meet.eventually we became good friends and had great times together,one day as i was talking with her,she confessed that she had a crush on me,i asked her "wont the religon become an obstacle in our path "since i was buddhist and she was muslim,she replied"there are no rules for love and war",i was happy by her answer and started giving her love as much as i could.Then one day she left me saying that religon is a problem in our love,i cried that whole day cause i loved her from the bottom of my heart,later i found out that she has got on with my best friend,so now im helping them get with each other cause my friend is more handsome than me,and cause i want to make sure that she is kept happy always.My name is Nirmana from sri lanka!


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