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      A love that i want to last 4ever


our story happen way back 1985 when we were in grade 3. he was a transferee and so cute. crush ko na sya the moment i so him. i always pray na sana maging klasmte kami the following year.and it happen, we became clasm8 and soon became friends and barkada im always kilig pag nagbobonding kami. lalo na nung grade6.he was my first kiss then ang we became lovers during our high school life. on and off relationship. until may sumingit sa amin and i got pregnant. we separate lives without talking to each other. i try to leave with the father of my baby but after giving birth i split up with him he was hurting me. i never came back to him(the father of my daughter) until i go back to my studies. i fell inlove again and he accepted my daughter but our love dont last longer. i was so active in our schools,that we organize a battle of the band. we invited most of our former clasmate and i was so shuck to know that he was one of a group of the band. he talk to me and i was so happy kasi i felt that he already forgave me about what happen in the past. he was with his girl. and thats it. that was 1994 or 95.5 years after nagulat ako sa maging visitor ko sa bahay. it was him and he was inviting me to attend in our alumni party. i was devastatingly happy kasi i felt that i still like/love him pa rin. and thats it. di na kmi naghiwalay. we made love without too much talk about the past. he said he was about to leave the philippines kasi mag-aabroad daw siya. sabi nya after 2 years daw babalikan nya ako. sabi ko i will wait for him no matter what. 2 years had pass and i still waiting for him he came and i was so glad, he kept his promise sa kabila ng nangyari sa amin in tha pass, sa pagiging dalagang ina ko he accepted me. since then di na kmi naghiwalay. we live together after 3 years we got married twice. in civil then 3 years after our joining the marriage encounter we got a church wedding. we reunited with God.marami din kaming pinagdaanang hirap together en we survive name it amin na yata lhat. di pa rin kami magkaanak after so many trials pacheckup sa doctor. wala pa rin until this married girl na hiwalay accross our marriage. natukso siya and worse of all nabuntis daw nya. after 7 year together biglang ganun nagsisi sioya at d rin siya sure kung kanya nga ang bata kasi nagkikita din ung girl at ung husband niya. pero sabi nung girl kanya daw. d rin cya sure sabi nya . pero may mga balita about them na denidinay nya. and this is my problem.... i dont know what to do and think about. kindly give me some advice what to do. 10 years to go na kmi en yet wala pa rin kaming baby tapos dun sa girl a month pa lang nakabuo na pede ba un? pls i need a lot of advice....


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