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      Time and Seperation


In 1999, there was a twenty-three year old woman who loved a man. She loved him deeply, although he was ten years older than her. But, he had already found himself, and she needed time to find herself. So, she took a trip to Scotland to explore who she was, and find who she wanted to be. Deep inside, she was a loving, caring, intimate, deep, faithful person.

During her time in Scotland, she was expozed to a lot of men who were attracted to her, trying to take advantage of her innocence, thinking she was naive. But, no. She was strong, and smart.

All this time in away from the man had only made her want him more. So, she kept writing letters to him. The letters read something like this:

"My darling,

You must believe that I am missing you very much. I keep the picture of us that we took close and nearby, and cannot seem to get my mind off of you no matter what I try to occupy myself with. I am now remembering the reason I came here. I came her to find myself, my heart, and where I belong. Only, being here has told me this:

I came here to find myself, but the truth is, I lost myself. Coming here has made me lose myself, my heart, and where I belong.

Because where I belong is with you."


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