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      My story


Well this is my story....

After two relationships that ended bad i had decided not to date for a while but then i started talking to this guy whom i fell head over heels for. To me he was perfect even though he had some flaws. after four months of talking he asked me out and of course i said yes. But things werent the same he wouldnt hold my hand he wouldnt kiss me he just wouldnt make the move. It was a friday when a girl came up to him and handed him his sweater in front of me i got a little mad but didnt think much of it. After that another girl came and put a note in his pocket and told him not to read it in front of me now that got me a little more mad. I was prepared to break up with him but they told me to talk to him, and just when i was about to he breaks up with me. i acted like it didnt bother me but it did. A couple days later he was going out with the girl that had put the note in his pocket. i was devasted i felt like shit. everytime i see them i feel so much anger because what he never did with me he does with her and he loves her so much and he doesnt talk to me anymore which we promised each other that that wouldnt happen. i just wish things would have been different for us cuz i still really like him.


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