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      I Love <33 him. does he love me?


On the 2nd day of school this school year. (August 12 09)

i fell in love when i first saw him. Jordan Adams. i liked him. i told my friend. she was in his class. me nd jordan first met in computer class. i looked at him nd he looked at me. My friend told him that i liked him when i was sick. i called her. Then the next day. i went bak to skool. he came up to me and said that he DOESNT like me.

a few days later he said that he might change his mind. i knew wht he was tlking about but i said "wht are yu tlking about." i was shy. i still am. now he stares at me every chance he gets. last week i had to go to gym with him. i usually dont. he got hurt. he fell on his leg. he was okay. yesterday and 2 days ago he didnt come to skool. i was concerned. Now his friends stare at me nd tlk.

i asked my friend (different) to tlk to him about it but she never has the time/chance.

What Do I Do? Any Advice? Comment. Thank You For Reading. 8-]


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