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      Inconspicuous love


What if you love a guy but he loves another girl? Its sure really hurts,does it? Well my story is like that.

Im a college student now and I am not beautiful as I describe myself.I started liking this guy whom I always together with. When were together, I felt happy and I am wishing that "someday, He can be my lover...", well in fact its just my fantasy.A fantasy that can never be come true. everytime were at school, I always look at him, expecting that he may be looking at me too!but sad to say he is looking into another direction, where I think he has a crush on that girl.Everytime I saw it that way, I am really helpless and I looses hope.It hurts for me, but only one thing that I can say to him..."I will never give up on showing my love to you, until you notice it the way you feel it"...


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