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      True love at last!


I meet my husband in myspace at first he had done a friends request so I didnt take ti serious I just thought o well friends what harm could it do that summer I went on a vacation but we still kept on touch through the internet so as the weeks went by I started to fall in love with him he was something else he made me feel different like no other guy has or had so as the month passed by we decided to meet in the club when we first saw each other I could feel something so special for him we hugged and I feel like I didnt want to let go so a few days pass by and he ask me out like a month later he ask the biggest question of all if I would marry him and I couldnt help but say yes and smile a year later we got married now where about to have a baby girl I had never felt happy to be with someone like I am with him his so nice so good to me! I hope to you my fellow reader that if you get your chance and you feel like this is the one chance you have been waiting for go for it give it a shot dont loose your chance I for the first time in my life after a really hard breakup I felt happpy with him and I still do my husband is my everything and now were about to have a family a beautifull family!


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