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      My Love


Ok me and my boyfriend met online on mocospace hes a rapper so i thought he just wants to play with my heart so i refused to let him in for so long and he told me he loved me i didnt believe him at first because well i just didint believe him he would tell me that were going to get married and that we will have 20 kids i used to laugh. but as the relationship went on i stated falling for him (now this is a phone relationship) pretty soon i started telling him i loved him and he was so happy and so was i now we are happy but there are some bad sides when we fight it gets bad but we always make up he says something sweet and i just melt he wrote me a letter and i swer i have never been happier he is my one true love i could not be without him we are perfect for eachother me Marissa Martinez an Chris Gonzales and if anyones is interested in looking at his music his name is Mr.Oldie 505


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