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      I cant bare the sight anymore


okay a guy i liked alot came up to me and asked me out and so i sayed yes. Every one was talking about it at school.but neither of us cared coz we really liked each other. But one problem he works at the mall at his moms store and shes phsyco! she wont let him go anywhere talk to anyone. she is really rude so we talked to each other at school and when i see him working. but today she left the store and he thought she wasnt working today so i was talking to him. But she came around the corner. and saw us talking. we wernt doing anything so i dont know whats her issue because she yelled at him and told him to go to the bathroom like hes a little boy. i would go outside and i hurd her cursing and yelling and making aliot of noice. someone called the police because the were scared to go to the bathroom. the cops showed up and just told them they had to leave. when he was heading out to the car he hugged me and said sorry and goodbye:( i cried and cried i felt bad and like he did everything i asked, he was a sweetheart.


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