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      A sad long story ends up good.......


i had a big crush on this guy his name was daniel, and every day i did everything possible to make my self pretty for him. he would never pay attention to me though, the next year in school there was this new guy his name was justin, he was really cute but i still loved danny and besides he had a girl friend.

then one day i went too my tree house that i have in the forest. i was crying because of a dicussion with my parents.he came inside the tree house. and as in he i mean justin.i started liking him as a friend we would go to places together and hang out he was my best buddie.

after a few months i gave up on danny, i still had felings for him, but i started to fall more in love with justin we just had such a good time together.then i started to loose weight because i was really chubby.

day after day i kept doing evrything possible to make him fall in love with me.he only looked at me as a friend.

then after a long time he finally broke up with his girlfriend because she was a jeoulous machine. i was so happy that they broke up because now i had more chances to fall in love with me.

the next day i wanted to ask justin out,but then what i never thought would happen...happend. danny came up to me and asked me if i wanted to be his girlfriend!. i was in shock i dident know what to say!. so i told him yes. but i decided to only go otu with him for a while. then after 2 weeks of going out with him, he started acting starnge then one day when me and danny were hanging out at the park he fainted. at the hospital dannys father told me he had cancer and he only had a few weeks of living. at that moment i felt like if it was my responsability to stay with him on his last day. then i tried to do everything possible so that his last days would be the greatest days of his life.we were in this meadow at night and he said he knew it was his time to go. and all i could do at that moment was cry. all he said was i love you. then dannys parents told me that he really truly loved me and i loved him to.

at his funeral i dident want to attend it was a horrible feeling to know that he loved me but i dident love him.

after 1 moth after his death i wanted to see if justin still liked me as a friend. we started hanging out again.

then out of no where he aked me to be his girlfriend!!!!! i was so exited because this is what i was waiting for so long. we were hanging out going on dates romantic things happend but... he never wwanted to kiss me:( then i evesdroped on a conversation and i found out that justin just asked me out because of a dare!!!!

i walked up to justin and i told him that he never really had feelings for me i was so pist off because i thouht i had found the perfect guy. he told me a billion times sorry so i told him that if he was really sorry that he would prove it! the next day he send me a msg that said " at first i dident like you, but after we were going out as a couple, i fell in love with you!" he said in the email.

my heart was convinced but my mind wasent the next day he sent me a vidoe of him singing me a song. it was so romantic!!!!

i forgave him and we started going out, at the last day of the year he dident talk to me att all. i asked him what was wrong i was afraid he would break up with me but it was somehow worse....

he told me that he was moving to another state. i told him that i dident want to know where he was moving that would just make me feel even worse!!!

all i could do was cry!! i was in a deep depresion!

after almost 6 months that he left my parents told me we wee moving to another state. it was hard to leave my friends my child hood and my memories. i wanted to start all over.

we moved to this small city in uthah the first day of school started out as a good day and became even better!!!! i figured out justin was in that school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i was so exited i dident know what to do. i walked up to him and told him i missed you and gave him a hug.

he kept looking at me as if i was a total stranger.then i figured out he has a girlfriend!!!!

i followed him after school. i went to his house and i rang the bell and i talked to his sister she told me that they had a car acident and that justing lost his memory and they never mentioned me.i was in shock then i talked to justin and i told him if he remebered me he said no , but he said thatt he had seen me before in his dream

little by little he remembered everything! and he broke up with his girl friend and we lived like a normal teen couple.


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