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      Is he the one for me???


well there is a guy at school and he got suspended for a while for smoking pot and getting high and so he came back and for some reason he was really attracted to me. and i started to think he was cute also so we started flirting during alot of the classes we have together. then one day after school i was sitting outside on the snow and he came up to me and put his hand on my thigh and asked me out and i said i will get back to himwith that. then he said okauy and stood up kissed me on the cheek and walked away and damn he looked fine!!!

the next day he brought me roses and asked me on a date even though i never said yes yet he wanted to take me to the movies so i said yes.and we watch the spy next door it was funny and cute but he had his arm wrapped around me and bought everything and was really sweet.

after the movies it was dark outside so he walked me home we were holding hands and everything it was really romantic and when we got to my house we kissed and he was walking away and my dad stepped out of his car. he was watching us the whole time we were kissing and it was embaressing but he let my date go and just told me i need to be carful.


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