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I met a guy a year ago and we were happy, but as every couple we had our
ups and downs.

When we had our last fight I knew it was over for good but I couldn't give up I just couldn't. We kept in contact. We are still going to prom together but there is just one thing that I didn't mention. He is a jerk.

He was telling me that he loved me and that we were going to be together and
that he wanted me. We were still doing our thing and he still called me and
still told me I was his angel and his everyting and stupid me believed everthing
that was coming out of his mouth.

Well I called him one night and I told him
that he couldn't have his cake and eat it too. Because he can't. Every time
that we did our thing he told me that he loved me and that I am the one and that
he wants to marry me but in real life it was just a game that he was playing
with me just to get it.

I called him one night and I was like 'listen you can't do this to me anymore' and he got mad. I was like 'Whatever..., I mean you broke up with me and you can't act one way in
school and another way out of school.'

I just don't understand it. I told him
that we can be friends but that is it and I really honestly don't know if he
wants that and I really think that he won't want to be my friend if it is not a
benefit relationship. I am asking for help and advice so please give me some.


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