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      Why does a rose represent love when roses die?


My name is Daniel and this is a true story. Its also pretty long but worth reading. Any similarity this story may have to anyone is purely coincidental.

When I was about 4 years old I was sent to pre-school. There I met herÖStefaniÖ So stunningly beautiful and gorgeous. Hazel-green eyes. Long chestnut-brown hair. Pale flawless skin. Wonderful lips. She was perfect in paper. In an instant I fell in love. I new she was the on and that I would spend my life with her.

We became best friends. We sat together. We ate together. We walked together. Then in year 4 I met this amazing girl named Ashleigh. She became our other best friend. The three of us were inseparable. Because my family was real mean to me I stayed over their houseís most of the time.

When I was 12, in year 5, Stef told me that she liked me. I was speechless. All my life I had loved her and finally she tells me she likes me. Of course, I asked her out and we went on our first date. I didnít take her to the movies. I took her to the park where we sat and looked at the stars and talked about us and our future. The next day I ran into Ash. She wondered where I was last night. I told her the Stef and I went on out first date. She didnít respond. She just stood there, silently, and then walked away. (I later realised that she was also in love with me but didnít tell me)

In term 3 of year 6 Stef approached me and told me she had some bad news. She told me she was moving to Perth (and we live in Sydney). I was crushed. Absolutely devastated. We made our last few weeks count. We never left each others side. Then she left.

I felt like the world had screwed me over. Luckily I had Ash to consol me and help me through it. This one night that I spent at Ashís I was crying for ever. Then out of nowhere she kissed me. It was phenomenal. Her lips were delicious. I didnít know what to do. On one hand my perfect girlfriend was 1,000,000 k/m away and on the other hand my best friend was in love with me.

An impossible decision. So, I went soul searching. I finally decided. A few days later I was greeted at the door by the most beautiful girl in the world, and I knelt down on one knee. I spent my entire life-savings (around $465) on her ring.

ďStefani, When I think about you my heart skips a beat. I read your texts over and over again. When I hear your voice I cant help but smile. I wait for hours online to talk to you, even if its only for 5 minutes. When I go to sleep and when I wake up the first thing I think aboutÖ Is your smile. Will you marry me?Ē

Of course she said yes. I spent the next couple of weeks there. When I flew back to Sydney Ash met me at the airport and walked me home. She wanted to talk about me and her, me and Stef, her and Stef, all those kind of things. I told her I got engaged to Stef and to celebrate Ash took me out for some drinks (yes, I know weíre underage). I got really drunk and made out with Ash, just made out nothing more. I woke up with her in my arms. When she woke up she whispered to me that she loved me.

A few months passed nothing really happened. I flew over to see Stef occasionally, Ash would try to seduce me or convince me into engaging with her, you know the usual. Until it happened.

Ash told Stef that she was in love with me. Stef flew over A.S.A.P and we talked. Just talked. And talked and talked and talked. It seemed to go on forever. They would ask which one I loved and what not. Of course I was in love with Stef but I really liked Ash and wanted to spare her feelings. Stef eventually had to fly back, of course. I didnít hear from her for a while. Then I got a letter in the mail.

Dear Daniel

I have thought about it quite thoroughly and I have finally decided. I donít want to marry you. Yes I love you but Iím not sure you love me. I mean, I know you love me with all your heart but Iím just not ready to have my heart broken by the one Iím so deeply and madly in love with. So I have decided to end this on my terms. Iím so so so soooooo sorry Daniel. Please donít hate me. We can always be friends. Enclosed is your ring. Iím sorry.


Love Stefani

I was heart broken. She refused to talk to me in any form possible. I had nothing to live for. She was my everything. And then along came Ash. She helped me through one of the roughest parts of my life! I attempted suicide on a weekly basis. But Ash never gave up. She devoted her life to me for feeling partly responsible. I loved her for that. Then I realised how amazing Ashleigh is. She is strikingly beautiful. Sky-blue eyes. Shoulder-long brunette. Olive skin. Perfect smile. I just couldnít believe it.

I indeed fell in love with Ash. But I still never ever forgot Stef. But my heart was in so much pain. Here I was with an amazing girl but I wasnít with MY amazing girl. It is now 2009 and I received a letter form my estrange ex-girlfriend who I am madly in love with. It was a letter to tell me she was moving again but this time to Hungry. Once again, instant heartache! I hadnít seen her in years but I wasnít ready to let go. Ash told me that she had met someone at her schools Year 10 Formal. More heartache! I just lost the girl of my dreams and my bestest friend on the whole wide world.

I now blame myself for this up until this day! I am punishing myself till the day I die. My punishment is that if I canít have Stefani then I will die alone. I will never go out with anyone but her. My heart belongs to you Stef. I miss you

The End. For nowÖ

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