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      A Heartache Called My Life


So it was the first day back at school, this was quite a few years ago, and i looked into his eyes and immediately knew he was the one, the one they all talk about finding. that boy that would be there for me for the rest of my life.

Anyways, there was this little thing at my school for all the new kids, we were both in grade nine and were in different groups but there was a sleepover at the school, and a movie so all of the newcoming grade nines sat in the gym, talked to one another while there was a movie playing.

He was sitting beside me on the benches in a bug group of people and we talked for a while, exchanged numbers and such. Then school started and i seen him in the halls, he looked so good in his hood up, jeans, his hair and face perfect. his eyes were radiant as well as his smile.

We would text which made me like him even more.

one day i told one of my friends that i thought he was hot, that friend went and told him that i liked him, and it was one of those things where when you start thinking of a person that way then you start to like them. so anyways things got weird between us and we didnt talk for a while oh and i forgot to mention that we would hug and talk everytime we seen each other too.

so we werent talking for a while and i was getting really angry i texted him saying he was as asshole and then we got into a fight about how we dont say hi to each other anymore. but he didnt like me the way i liked him. then we started saying hi in the hallways but that soon stopped.

my friend had a dream that her and the boy i liked were dating and then i called her and said that me and the boy i liked made out and then he dumped her and asked me out. then she started saying oh hey its our boyfriend everytime he passed us and then he never talked to me. so thats my story i hope that you all get a chance to read it and see how sometimes things dont work out, but dont stop believing and trying, keep going who knows? he may be the boy that you end up marrying some day


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