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Red symbolizes love, wealth and luck. According to Chinese, red is the luckiest among colors. But why is it like that? Iím not lucky with the color red. Instead, I became sad and hopeless with that color. You know why? Let me tell you my experience.

Before, red is my favorite color. Yet, after the incident happened 5 years ago, I promise not to use any red thing in my life. By the way, my name is Mika a widow with two kids. You know I am widowed right now? Itís because of the color RED.

Johnny Graham, the former owner of the famous wholesale clothing business in town and my husband at the same time died because of the color RED. We lived in San Diego California for almost 8 years. I donít know whatís putting me and my husband to have a one week vacation in Spain.

At that time, the ďMatadorís day ďis about to happen. I donít know why but in the other side of my mind, someoneís telling me to go home back to US. That was the last day when I saw Johnny alive. I was in a wholesale clothing store at that time, shopping my favorite brand of Spanish bags. But then, I have no idea about what was happening.

Johnny, my husband joined the matadorís day. I donít know such event. One thing I know is that a red cloth that throws every time the bull is about the attack. Unfortunately, Johnny died because the bull attacked him so hard and he has nothing to do.

I received a call from the hospital about the incident. After two hours, Johnny was dead on arrival. That ďhellĒ read was the cause of his death. Until now, the pain is in my heart asking why such thing happened.


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