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i met a guy on tagged , it was in augst of last year was the time of olympics.i wasnt looking for love or anything ,so it like love found me. i saw this hansome guy left a comment on my page, and i was like hey this guy is cute . we chat n get accquatinted with each other .we eventually, exchanged numbers and all.i met his family, he later met mine . for the fistst part of the realtionship it was going good, until i felt like i was feeling the love was like some ifelt love next ime i didnt. we patred for a week , then gave it a try. it never worked.soi got fed up and say leyts just call it quits.he agreed becaused he said , we argued too much. then i started to miss him and all. we chat on the phone . we chat on messenger ,he said we should start as friends and see where it lead. i never wanted that .but the thing is my love was stronger for him thsn it was for me .one day i called him and i said i wanted him back, he told me he wasnt ready for a realtionship. i wad crushed and hurt. i just cursed him and told him i hated him,but dee pdown i still ove him.up to this am hurting, just hope iwll get over it . he said he still loved me and i was the best he ever had.


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