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When I as 12 I fell in love. For 6 years I kept hope that my bestfriend, this boy would love me back. It wasnt until he moved with his family to South Australia that he realised that he loved me and for a year and a half we created a long distance relationship with me or him flying back and forth between our two states. Things got hard, so hard. We lived completely different lives, him there me here. I had a uni degree to complete here and he had a job that he refused to leave over there. Stalemate. Resentment. We fought so often and we were miserable. But I had loved him for most of my life and refused to give up, he was my bestfriend, as bad as things were life would be harder without him. But then one day he didnt answer my txts or calls.

I didnt know what to do. I was scared something bad had happened to him. But he was okay, he rang me. He told me that if he loved me he would move for me. He said he didnt love me enough and that we needed to break up.

My life was darkness. Severe depression. But then I saw the things that I couldnt see when I was with him miserable.. The great friends I had. My own potential. I grew happy and fulfilled in me, in myself and I didnt need him anymore.

We had stayed friends and four months later he called me and told me that he was an idiot. That he needed me and was miserable without me. I felt that I was breaking all of my rules by taking him back, that only idiots trust again. But that 12 year old voice inside of me kept telling me to take hm back.

and so I did.

A year has passed and I am the happiest I have ever been. He moved 1500kms changed his job role and has proved to me in everyway he deserved to be taken back.

this is my gift to you reader. My happy ending can be yours. Trust your instincts.



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