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      And it all began in work....


My story

It werenít very long ago that I met him. We met very randomly actually. Hey btw im bloob (codename). it werenít very long ago that I met this amazing boy. I walked in one day into work and I was feeling in the foulest mood ever after what seemed like the worst day in school in a long time and just full of grief. And then work, great. I walked upstairs as normal to dump my stuff and when I walked in, there was this boy just standing there. Now I wear glasses and my eyes arenít the best without them so I didnít really look at him or see him. He was kind of standing in the way of where I normally put my coat so I just kinda threw it and he picked it up and put it where he could reach and I was like oah thank you  and then I forgot to give him my phone so I give it to him and he put it with my coat and then I was just kind of standing there waiting for him because I knew weíd be working together, but he hadnít changed and he was like um Ive kind of got to change and I was like oh yes sorry right and then I didnít move and said oh right Iíll go

. He must have thought what a bimbo :L so I went across the hall into the bar and talked to one of the other guys until my boss got me. When I heard someone come down the stairs I didnít want to look because I knew it would be him, and when he came down I was sorting out all these boxes of sauces that nobody ever keeps tidy! Anyway we didnít speak for a bit because I was to nervous to say anything and maybe so was he. Anyway at this point I had my glasses on so I could at least see where I was going. And then he had to help me and he said hello  and thatís when I felt instantly in a lighter mood. I looked at him and blinked rapidly. Was I dreaming? He was unlike anybody ive seen before. Green eyes, brown floppyish hair and one of the nicest smiles ive seen in a while. And managing to say hey rather than oah nice teeth :L and I guess it started from there. We chatted and worked all until I had to go home, I caught his name but I shouldnít tell :L and I looked him up on facebook and bingo I found him, but I waited to see if he would add me, and he did when I checked the next day  I was soo happy, even though I had only just met him I felt like I knew him more than that night if you get what I mean? And I hadnít felt this nuts over anybody well ever! And I could tell right away that he was a nice boy. But uh-oh. Trouble struck me, he was in a relationship and I felt like the thunder cloud had come back. Moving on now about a few weeks later and we were messaging, phoning and texting constently and I actually felt like he did like me back because of the things heíd say. And everytime he called me babe or sweetheart ( :L) my heart would do a little jump. I told him I liked himÖ liked him a lot and he was pretty cool with it, I told my friend who talked to me and said that he could have feelings for me but because maybe he doenst know me well enough he doesnít want to loose everything that he has for me? I donít know. But im just hoping one say I get my happy ever after

(cut it a bit, I couldnít let you in in all of it, that would be telling)


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