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      Love impossible


so where do i start??? so i met this guy at church. yeah i know church but im christian so i go to church often. hes a shy guy so it took a while for us to talk. you see im not shy so i took the first step to talk to him. we became friends and we got very close. might i say i fell in love with him ever since i laid eyes on him. gettin to know him made me love him even more. i have never felt like this about a guy. his has become my everythin but i always felt i wasnt good enough for him. so i helped him get with this girl. you see shes a girl i knew and he had never talked to her. i played cupid for them. i just never thought he was gonna fall in love with her like he did. hes with her now and that hurts. i cant help and feel happy for him. but i love him so much. i cant stop thinking about him. hes my friend and i will be there for him always. i just dont know what to do. i cant take him out of my head. so pls any comments or advice email me


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