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when you waved your hand

yous till just smiled

when you said good-bye

i really cried

When you’re gone

My world was upside down

When I was alone

You never come back

You were with someone else,

More loving than me

You were a good couple,

Along with each other,

But then one day she went away,

Leaving you behind

In the dark side

You regretted your decision

Now you are alone

What will you do?

If she doesn’t love you anymore

You come back to me

In my little home

You kneeled and looked

The door was closed

You were knocking fast

And never stopped

I was at the back door

Crying on the floor

Why did you come back?

When I can never look back

And can never open my heart again

You went away

Leaving me crying

But I was strong

To keep my tears away

My heart was broken coz

I can’t love you anymore

Years passed you died

But I never regretted

For not loving you again

Coz I know

That you were never mine

I’m sorry to say this



composed by: mechaela gayle m. kolingan aka

zini akira uchiah

if u want more poems that i composed, just email me at...

thank you


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