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      Why Is Love In Dis World If Itt Hurts....?


Dis Is how it startd..I made bebo nd i was 15 ..i added him because he was my cousins best mate..he was soo funny..i dont knw i jus had 2add him (his 18) coz he was soo funny .. we startd tlkn on msn evridaii for hours nd hours :) it was soo nyc.. we became best friends. we used 2alwaiz tlk..bebo, msn and hotmail! de talks we had was sooo touching. everything we spoke came from our was al bou Jay nd Emzy! J&E! den how silly of me i accused him of bein a playa coz of my gyal mate i tld him straight up nd he was shokd dint tlk 2me 4daiz nd sad fing was i dint have his numba nd den i kept on sayn sorry sorry sorry nd den he 4gve me coz i was bein stupid. den we carried on tlkn as usual..Jay was alwaiz der 4emzy nd emzy was alwaiz der 4Jay buh sumink hapend like so much .. we r fallin apart..buh der was dis spark in our convo al de tym. This so cald love cariied on 4 i fink 2yrz nerly buh nufink append between us. i neva gve up hope .. restless nites..tossing n turning..nd continuous urge of him! Newaiz den i sed i love him nd he sed saink bak like dah ... i was confusd he dint ask me out! so mny tyms i gve up buh til dis dai i stil dint.. i cry half de nites finkn y isnt he mine...den i cudnt tke it no mre i tried 2mke him jealous buh it mde matters worse! nd den i went out wid dis guy T nd it lastd 4 3munfs because i loved Jay :( Sad i knw buh den i found out Jay is wid sme1 else.. nd his happy buh i fought if his happy den im happy .. buh it kept on hurtn me evridaii..seeing his facebook wid him nd his gyal.. nd it jus killd me .. jus finkn wen wud he b myn..? Wen? buh he muvd on..shoking buh yh he muvd on..buh we stil spoke nd i jus felt de love in our conversations I felt soo attached yet we r soo distanced...der was alwaiz dis ope dah neva wantd 2dissappear ... i gess like evri one says evrything never remains de same i jus knew it His neva gna b myn.. nufink wil turn bak 2normal..nd nw i am 17 nd stil ders hope buh den no hope tuu :( Life? is wah i question Y? Y love? nd Y Hurt? Funny Buh Sad..! Jay is neva gna b emzyz ders more 2our story buh :( its too much 4me as its a full 2yrs love life im tlkn abou..! We had our ups nd dwns buh we neva losin de will 2 live..from 2daii we r nt tlkn nd its killin me everi sec.. i cutd al ties wid him n he dint cal me once buh o well .. i jus need 2 try nd smile 4evri1 nd do waeva it takes 2 4geh buh I wish upon a star 4him 2b happy nd i 4get bou us nd stop wishin 4us because ders no..US! Neva will b .. nd i knw it NOW! buh jus 2 blind 2 accept it...

Newaiiz Jus one piece of sme1 dah u knw will love you bak. May Jay B Api 4Lyf!

Hope I B Happy Tuu

Hueva readz dis pray 4me...


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