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      Love lasts forever


i thought it all ended when my best friend was moving to new york and my friendship was going to be distance. he was my mate at least i thought until he told me something that would change my mind forever.

im 15 and my best mate just told me he loved me not as a sister as his girlfriend and i excepted i was in love with him to, before he left we did everything together we even took a trip to the beach and it was so romantic, we held hands when we went to kiss it started to rain. and instead of leggin it we sat on the pebbly beach and held onto each other like it was like our last momment on earth then we just kissed it was so beautiful but at the same time with sparks flying off im surprised we didnt start a fire.

anyway it was the day he left and he told me he loved me and made me a folder of photos and things he had collected while we had been dating . anyway we had lasted for over a year and we had turned 16 he told me he was coming over to visit but thats when my world turned around.

i was at uni and i had a phone call from the hospital telling me that my boyfriend had been in a car accident, that the taxi was hit by a bus and was dead my heart was broken.

so when i got my fairytale id lost it and my last chapter of my book is still unwritten and now im lost i dont no were to start il always love him though

he will always be my heart

love lasts forever


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