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it all started when he asked for my mobile number of one of my see im bit of a geek and aint used to talking to boys but when he started textin me my heart wouldnt stop thudding. at first i thought we were just friends but it all changed.

you see im only 13 and i have never experienced love, because to be honest does anyone know waht love is? because i thought i did.

we text for ages and got to no each other really well he opened up to me and we connected. dont get me wrong we argued but we made friends again. after a while i started to fall for him and at one stage told him i kind of liked him.

one night i couldnt sleep because of how i was feeling. then one day my mate dared me to kiss him and i did on the cheek but then my mate said it was ment to be on the lips so i asked him and he sed yes. i told him we could kiss after school were know one could see us but he said no and wanted to do it in front of everyone. i was amaze to be honest. so we did and it felt like magic.

then a few weeks later and the school were goin on a school trip i didnt want to go so i didnt but he text me from france and i was so happy but then i said a joke back to him and he took it funny and i truly love him and we didnt talk. well he said i was jealous of him and my best friend who he was flirting with. my heart broke. and ever since hes been trying ti make me jealous i feel lost because i will always have something for him. i just wished he would.

so is there love? well ahve to see what happens


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