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      True i thought


why is it that girls are the ones who get there heart broken?

i was in 8th grade when i met him, you could say young love is jst puppy love and now im actually thinking that that is so true

his name was Angel and i loved him so much

as he did as well

we kept each other up and we wer there for each other

after a year and 3 months we had to break up because i moved

it sucked like you have no idea

i cried for such a long time and that veryday that was our last day to see each other a church

he kept telling me

babe dont cry, it will all b ok, dont cry

i believed him

after 6 months it all changed...

he started liking this one girl and well he wants to ask her out but he doesnt want to hurt me

we wer sorta planning on waiting for each other but hes mind was different and i knew he wouldnt wait

so nnow im crushed and wish to move on

but its hard

if anyone has advice on how to move on please let me know


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